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Verse 1- TheRealVirgo

You should know that every moment ain't a Kodak
Anti-spaz kit, IV of Jack, crushed up Prozac
Clear the space like Proactiv
Now that we captive
In a room full of pricks don't be the one to touch the cactus
Left brain provides with, tons of verbal backflips
self doubt got me grinnin but sinnin took some practice
just a black kid
made fun of for his scholastics
Aye, B you see me? I'm way above your average
Think they lookin at a savage, I max cornbread, greens and cabbage
Privileged pussy? Naw dude, this aint a petting zoo
With every boast in Westoros I'll be beheading you
Knocked up hip-hop so I think we'll have the wedding soon
April showers, May flowers really got me dreading June
How my aura out of whack, pitch black I wait for many moons
Art straight from my heart, peep game where two pennies loom
Eat your heart out...and I'll let you use any spoon...

They lookin ghastly these people fear my evolution x3
They lookin ghastly, they look right past me
They lookin ghastlty these people fear my revolution
They lookin gahstly, they look right past me

Verse 2 - Roman F.

And I feel like i got faces starin at me everyday why
you scared we the same or am I just a strange kid
grew up in the basement thrown through shit when
I went home I had to face it ankle bracelet
aint gonna hold me homies here and now they helping me escape this
I’m out the game and I’m into entertainment
not getting contained when I’m anxious
for my shine cause I went through the basics
still waitin on spotlight fuck i get offended
if you aint thinking ima come and kill it
competition pissed at what I’m spittin
can you hear me deliver this
or do i appear to be innocent inconsiderate
indescribable idiot guess I’m liable for
any coincidence finish the job with a sinister plot to
convince you not to listen to cops
until your physically stopped flip rocks
and thats how your gonna get guap until your living in the cities gettin shot
that ghastly look well why you looking at me all you people ever did
was pass me so when i get to where I’m going ill never stop
and save your ass at least i got a family to help me get through tragedy
sadly i had to have my own back when it came to scrapping
thats fine cause when anything bad happens my mentality
was way past the average almost had ten grand when i was at school
under the age limit to get a job the bad thing was i skipped
most my classes to get that which made a big absence
in my scholastics but still managed to become a grad and get good at rapping
come shine on these motherfuckin has beens imagine what we could do with all the
passion we put in our crafts when we spaz if half the world even had a fraction of
what was our minds then maybe we’d ask them for an opinion but as of right now
ima snap on anybody who talks about rap like its trash cause
this shit saved my life now lets start a revolution just keep producing
don’t ever loosen your grip kids trying ta spit with me cause i influenced
them well as soon as i get
big enough for me to say i made it assuming you won’t split
ill be using my intuitive mind to spit truth and ill prove that I’m sick
i done filled rooms up with people hearing what i said and caught feelings
the moment i start blowing fumes at um quick the evolution of music is in me
and I’m refusin to quit now lets start a revolution get views when we
act stupid nahh i done got to where i am by staying true in this bitch uhh
this shit is ghastly uhh


released August 15, 2015
Vocals: D. Henry , R. Fuqua
Drums: F. Fritz-Storhaug
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered: J. Mossak



all rights reserved


TheRealVirgo Minneapolis, Minnesota

North Minneapolis native, TheRealVirgo is looking to bring back lyrical hip-hop with an original sound. "Personal, nerdy, swag rap." Debut album 'M.P.L.S.' scheduled for a November 12th 2015 release.

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